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Funeral traditions have held a place for ourselves and our loved one's since the beginning of time.

When death occurs, we have a universal need to acknowledge the life lived and recognize how our lives have been affected. For ages, mankind has demonstrated our love through ceremonies and public expressions of grief, that is, the service. Roller Funeral Homes devotes every day to improving our level of service to help our families find the comfort and support they need to begin to heal.

Personalization With Burial

A funeral is deeply personal, and we make every effort to assist families in creating a personalized tribute for their loved one. A service may be personalized in many ways including.. tables with memorabilia and treasured belongings, picture boards with a history of family photos, special songs, scriptures, poems, readings, and much much more. Everything from the casket to the flowers can be a reflection of you and your loved one's preferences and personality.

The Visitation gathers family and friends in one place and helps loved ones process emotions together, spend time with the loved one, acknowledge the reality of the death, and offer support and comfort to one another.

The Service allows the life of the loved one to be honored and remembered and helps loved ones find meaning in the loss through a hopeful and comforting message.

The Committal offers family and friends the opportunity to say their last "goodbyes". A few words are spoken and the family experiences a sense of closure as the deceased is lovingly laid to rest.

The Gathering celebrates a life well-lived. Fellowship, food and storytelling continue to comfort the family. Sorrow and mourning will slowly give way to quiet reassurance that life continues to unfold even in the face of death.

The purpose of every aspect of the funeral is to help families begin to heal after experiencing loss. A funeral allows friends and family to comfort one another, and activates the necessary support system that will help the family get through the next few weeks and months.

Personalization With Cremation

We offer many options for those who choose cremation. We encourage families to consider the healing purpose of a funeral. Grief experts agree that cremation or burial without services can have emotional and psychological repercussions for family members, especially if they never have the opportunity to see their loved one.

That being said, cremation services need be no different than services ending in burial. The means of disposition is different, but the needs of the family to find closure and healing are the same. We offer several package options for cremation including traditional services ending in cremation and cremation with memorial services at a later date. A funeral director can consult with the family and help them determine which option is best for each individual situation.

The Importance of Memorialization

Following the funeral or memorial service, it is significant to memorialize a loved one with a permanent grave marker or monument. This way, survivors have a physical place to come and visit a loved one for years to come. With cremation, this may be a memorial plaque where the remains were scattered, a burial site or a niche in a columbarium. Our helpful staff can assist families in finding a memorialization option that suits their needs.

Roller Funeral Homes devotes every day to improving our level of service.

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