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Richard Rodgers

Romance [previous Little Rock], AR   United States

Although my acquaintance with Don Thompson developed within the professional community, I soon counted him and Mona among my friends. Don cared about people and no matter the reason for calling upon him, one was always graciously received.
Heart felt condolences to Mona.

Sunday, July 14, 2019


jerry burchfield

Little Rock, AR

One of the things that has always impressed me about Don is that he never failed to ask "Is there anything I can do for you?".....and he meant it. I really believe that he would have gone out of his way to provide anything I really did need even if it had been to his detriment. He went about the business of serving others and will be missed by all of those with whom he came into contact. Mona, we are so sorry for your loss.
Thursday, July 11, 2019