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T. Commander

Columbia, AR   United States

Luke 8:40 gives an account of Jesus being approached by a man named Jairus, whose12-year-old daughter was gravely ill. Shortly thereafter, word came that the girl had died. This news left Jairus heartbroken, but Jesus told him, “Have no fear, only exercise faith,”  (Luke 8:50).  At the family’s home, Jesus went in to the lifeless girl. Taking her by the hand, he said: “Maiden, I say to you, Get up!” (Luke 8:54). What happened? Immediately the maiden rose and began walking.  The resurrection is a wonderful provision provided by our grand Creator Jehovah (John 5:28,29).  I hope this account gives you the comfort you need during this difficult time.  Please have faith and trust in God that your loved one will be resurrected.
Wednesday, April 18, 2018