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Paul Walla

Fayetteville, AR   United States

Barbara, or "Aunt Bobbie" as we commonly called, was a wonderful Aunt. She never ventured far from Logan County although her nursing career did take her to St. Edwards Hospital and Fort Smith for 40 years. She would cook, clean and housekeep for herself, her father, Henry Friga, Jr. for her brothers Edmund and Gregory, and for any house guests. When she retired and moved back from Fort Smith, she worked at taking care of her aunts, Millie LeBlanc, Margaret Anhalt and Helen Mares as they grew older and also took care of her brothers as they grew older. And as she grew older her cousins, Margaret Rose Wilhems and Pat Ward, and their children, took care of her. She confided in me, that as her brother Gregory was in the U of A Medical center, he was asleep, dreaming I guess, and he exclaimed, "Look at that beautiful garden". I believe the time was Feb. of 2016. No gardens were blooming in Arkansas at that time. I believe that Gregory may have been glimpsing the "Garden of Eden".
Rest in peace Aunt Bobbie. I hope that you will enjoy the company of your relatives who have preceded you. God Bless.
Monday, April 16, 2018